The Liebster Awards!


Hello again so soon! I’m a little surprised and at the same time happy, mostly because of the liebster award and the fact that Heather, with the lovely Zale Family legacy (which I have to get reading again, since it’s so fun to read). I was not prepared at all, but hey that’s life.

So according to the rules of this I’m supposed to do the following: (Totally not taken borrowed from Heather herself…)

–Say thank you to the person who has nominated you for the award.
– Answer the 11 questions the person has asked you.
– Nominate people (comment on their blog to let them know).
– Ask the people you have nominated 11 questions

So to start this, thank you so much Heather for this nomination. And with that out of the way, I have to answer som question she have asked me and the other she nominated. Let us get started!

  1. What’s the last thing you put in your mouth? That would be dental floss, got to keep those teeth fresh and nice, like the dentist always tells you to.
  2. Can you build a campfire? Hahaha… I don’t think that I can. I would like to know how to do though. Or maybe I can, is just that I haven’t tried at all.
  3. Do you have a marketable skill?  Like knitting, or dog training, or carving wooden hummingbirds?  Tell me about it! Oh boy… Well I can cook and bake things, which turns out good and can be eaten. So that’s one I guess? Or not…
  4. Do you have a green thumb? Only if the plants can survive without water for a long time, otherwise not that much…
  5. Spiders… run screaming, smash ’em, or let ’em live? That depends on the spider. But mostly I let them live and try to get them outside. Other my other half smash them, because he hates them.
  6. What’s the last book you read? This is an easy one, but also depends on how you mean. The last book I read and finished was George R.R Martins “Dance with Dragons”, which I also enjoyed even if it is super long. Otherwise it’s currently Stephen Kings “11/22/63”.
  7. Do you enjoy cooking? Yes, I actually do enjoy it most of the times. And baking as well. I love to just experiment and try different things with different spices. I love to try things. Got it from my mother I guess.
  8. Do you have any pets? I do, a cutie cat named Liza. And just because of this question, I’m going to put a picture of her at the end of this post, just because you all people need to see her cuteness!
  9. Is there anything you collect? Used to. Bottle caps and Pokémon cards once. Still have the cards somewhere I think. Sometimes I wish to collect bottles like my grandfather used to.
  10. Do you download and play with Mods or CC? Both. I use both, mostly because they really give the game more to enjoy in one way and can improve things. I also like to try and see if it’s something for me when I see others use some CC or mods in their game.
  11. If you could travel to one place, where would it be? Oh, this is a hard one. There’s so many places I want to travel to… But I would say Ireland. I always have had a thing for that place and would love to go there. Heck I even studied Irish for a while, so why not go there as well and try out my language skills?

And that was that… interesting questions actually. Made one think. But of course, now it’s time for me to nominated people as well… As in Heather’s case, some I nominated are not that active anymore, but I want to nominate them for some reasons. Mostly that I really loved what they wrote and that you could tell their passion and effort they put. They have as well been people who have inspired me to keep writing. Even if I don’t know them at all, I still feel that they deserve a nomination for their passion, effort and love that they have poured into their work.

I’m just gonna nominated 3, because I don’t want to many. My nominates are:

amandralynn with “The Drake Family Secrets”

gryffindork7 with “The Dysfunkshinul Legacy”

These are blogs I have started to read and fallen in love with. I really like them and just felt that I have to. I have read them (even if I haven’t finished and fallen of them sorta, and I’m so sorry for that, cause I really like them) and loved every second of reading them. But now to the questions for these people!

  1. Do you read a lot? If yes, what kind of things do you read?
  2. Do you consider yourself a writer?
  3. If you could meet anyone in the world, alive or dead, who would you love to meet?
  4. Do you have any animals?
  5. If you got a million (in your current), what would you do with all that money?
  6. What would you say is your favourite fruit?
  7. You have some green thumbs?
  8. Chips or fries?
  9. Do you have a favourite author, and if yes, who’s that author?
  10. Do you know who Inigo Montoya is?
  11. What place in this world would you like to see the most?

And that’s those questions, now I just have to comment so they can see it as well and then I’m done. Again, thanks for the nomination, I would never have guessed this at all.

And then until next time, hopefully with more updates…

Take care with lots of love from me, MissWingless!


And here’s my fluffy snugglepuff Liza! This is an old picture, but she pretty much looks the same. That cutie!<3

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