Gen 1.1 – Let’s begin again!

Hello and welcome to my second attempt at the first generation of The Lockwood Chronicle. As you notice, I have changed the layout of this blog, so the pictures won’t be as big, (I didn’t find a theme to this blog that I liked, okay?) Anyway, I barely got passed the first generation with Belle, but now… things are going to change…. yeah…. because this time, we do an ISBI-Challenge. Finally, because I have been dying to do one. You can find the rules here: ISBI Challenge rules

(Note: I don’t follow the rules exactly…. hehe)


As you can see, I have chosen the gorgeous world of Monte Vista to play in. It’s a beautiful world that I haven’t actually played in so much and want to explore the wonders of this world. I think it’s going to be very funny (unless my game lags like a bitch, then I change the world…) Anyway, I have added some sims to this world, mostly people I have created myself (I love to make new sims !) But there are two who I haven’t made at all. So if you want, give me a link or something to get other sims into my game and see what fun they have! It can be from a berry, to a vanilla and even a simself. It’s your choice!

I have chosen to do this challenge with the all so lovely “No wish left behind” rule. You can read about it here, at the legacy Meet the Derps. I have no mod, so if my founder has all panels full, I have to do them before locking another wish. Also, I won’t include wishes that are about traveling (World Adventurers). But onwards with our journey; it will be long, but hopefully enjoyable.


Our eyes are taken to a big empty field, green as only the grass in the beautiful town of Monte Vista can be. A stranger stands close to the road, as if he wants to be hit by a vehicle. Upon a closer look, he doesn’t look bad at all, but very handsome. How did he end up here of all places? Only one can guess.

May I introduce our beloved founder of this challenge; Gabriel Lockwood! Son of Sam Cortnex and Belle Lockwood. So say hello Gabriel!


Gabriel: Wha…? Schoolbus is late…and yellow.

Gabriel… you’re not a kid… neither a toddler, but a young adult, so please… just speak normal, otherwise I kick your right into being an elder!

Gabriel: And who are you again? My insanity or just the “guiding” voice?

Hahaha, very funny lad. Not. Anyhow, time to let the people see you up close!


Gabriel: Looking hot there buddy. Keep it going.

Yes, yes Gabriel. I know you look hot and gorgeous…. and beautiful… you could melt anything with your looks… *swoons* ahh!!! But anyway, back to subject!!!!

My “attempt” at a trait card… without Photoshop, but hopefully you can see it anyway. I give it a quick resume:

Gabriel Lockwood loves the colour Irish Green (the colour of his pants), eating cookies is something he absolutely loves to eat, all while listening to R&B. If you ask him about his sign, he will say Pisces. But he probably will not answer at all, just leave since he is a loner (he was the only child). Gabriel went little nuts when he became a young adult from being a toddler and the fact that his father now is alive, which would make anyone insane (Especially if you can see ghosts to, he has). But even though his tough change in both body and mind, he have a sharp eye for details and are an artistic soul at nature. His good looks have made him irresistible with the ladies, but he long to find “the one” and settle down to have a big family and raise a lot of kids, he have a family oriented nature to. His biggest dream is to become The Master of Arts, to master both painting as the guitar.

I have a feeling that I’ll hate him in the end, with his family oriented trait and all.

Gabriel: No, you’ll love me in the end anyway, because I’m hot!


Now you’re thinking about music. Or correction, notes.

Gabriel: Well, I have a wish to join the music career, so obey and let me be on my way.

Yeah, yeah Don Juan. In time my friend, in time.

Gabriel: That’s a weird movie you know, good, but weird. Time and all that stuff confuse me. Why do you even mention it? Weird voice is triple weird now.

I didn’t even mean that movie! So stop it already, you’re breaking the fourth wall here!

Gabriel: As if we haven’t already… –_–


You can see, he dress in his favourite colour and he makes it look good. Seriously, I love Gabriel’s appearance. He’s one of the hottest sims I ever have had.

Gabriel: When the ladies see me, they won’t be able to resist this piece of meat.

*Sigh* just like his father. But Gabriel, it might not only be the ladies… you know, we have good people out there that have created a mod. A mod so that same gender couple can have their own babies. So you might end up with a guy.

Gabriel: You’re not kidding, are you?


Gabriel: Dammit.


And what the hell is this Gabriel?! Since when did you go to “LeFromage Art School”? You skipped your entire childhood and became a young adult right after you was a toddler!

Gabriel: Oh, you know. I’m artistic and such… I bought the certificate on

Oh… wait…you haven’t been near a computer yet!

Gabriel: One doesn’t need a computer to surf. Only EA.

…. –_–


All of these pictures were to show how grumpy he became of leaving his plot of land. Grumpy all the way to the theatre! Also, the first sign of insanity; change of clothes. But he pulls off his formal wear so good. But why so grumpy?

Gabriel: Humiliation, that’s why I’m grumpy. No house, just land. No chicks, no nothing! The driver saw my “home”… killer her, so I might be less humiliated. Besides, I want to relive my childhood thanks, the one you stole from me!

… Why be so freaking mad over something stupid like that?

Gabriel: I vow that I shall have my revenge…




My game trolled me, hard. This was what I saw right after Gabriel got out. So of course when I saw Pedro, I thought; “Pedro, who the hell is Pedro? I named him Gabriel right?!” Little me didn’t see the number two on the popup… –_–

But being the curious sim person I am, I clicked to see this Pedro. Which lead to a lot of none face time for our founder.

Gabriel: I feel so ignored…


Okay gals! Who of all you is Pedro?!

Girl in glasses: Maybe the creepy stalker behind me?

Pedro: Dammit!

Wait… wait… that stylist… IS that WHO I THINK IT MIGHT BE?!

???: If I’m really quiet and still, she might go away…


LIZA!!! I found you darling!!!

Liza: Dammit. Not you again.

Pedro: Hey, that’s my words!!

You’re not even in the picture Pedro, go away your imposter!! I think I’m gonna call you Imposter.


Oh…. this doesn’t look so good. Wonder if Gabriel will become even more insane if he meets his father.


Yet again, I clicked on little Sam in the pop-up to see what was going on.

Gabriel: Am I not interesting anymore?!

No, no Gabriel… I just want to see what happen to all the others, so I just send you away to a painting class so I don’t have to worry about you.

Gabriel: YAY!! Painting!!

Takes so little to make him pleased.


Belle, is that you?! Were is Sam?!

Unrendered Belle: … save me… itching… so… much…


They went to this lovely park. See the little people around down right corner? That’s Sam and Belle. Trying to get the love back or what?


Sam: Time for some private time girl. Just you and me and the bush over the-

Belle: Were is Kylar? He said he would come with us.

Sam: Yeah… sure he did… it’s not like I threw him out of the car to get some time with you alone… so about the love session we’re going to have in the bushes…

Belle: No.

Sam: Dammit. Cockblocked by someone who isn’t even here!


What the hell…?

Girl: Thank you for taking me out today dad. Mom, this is so much better than being in the trunk the whole way.

Woman in glasses: Darling, why did we get a kid again?

Man in glasses: My guess, but we have to keep driving. I want to be in Hawaii by noon tomorrow and anytime can the cops figure out that a car is missing.

…. weird people.


You… the llama… even worse, you’re the fearful face one… God how I wish that I could throw you into CAS and change your stupid, little, ugly face!

Ilama girl: Well that sucks for you, since I’m in my work outfit bitch! Me and my buddy Alex IIV Ilama will laugh at your misery!

Who? The llama on your head? You named your mascot head?! What kinda freak are you?!


Well, I leave you and your imaginable frying pan alone for now.

Ilama girl: That’s right! We scared her away Alex IIV! We won!!

That’s what you think… *evil smirk*


So… Gabriel rolled a wish to have his fortune told, but of course Monte Vista doesn’t have a gypsy wagon. I found this lovely park and when I went to place the stupid wagon; BAAM! IN YOUR FACE GYRL! The lot is to damn small to place it! Curses!


So Gabriel here rolled a wish to send a text to his boss. What are you writing to him?

Gabriel: Hi, I’m Gabriel. You probably remember me as the “crazy-legacy-ISBI-Challenge-guy”. Or as the guy without a house. I dunno. I can’t wait to begin working for you. Bye for now. Gabriel.

P.S I totally didn’t steal your number from your office that smells like lemons. D.S

He totally will like that Gabriel. Totally.

Gabriel: So you think he want to be my best friend then? I want a friend… *puppy eyes*

You have me if no one wants to be your friend!

Gabriel: You don’t count.

… meanie… –_–


Gabriel: I’m so happy for that art class! I had so much fun with the other kids there, so much fun that I rolled a wish to paint now!

Yeah… I probably buy you an easel later as I build your house to. But where can we find an easel in town? The art gallery perhaps?


Nope! No easel here, just an old lady… who really need to get a sense of fashion.

Old random lady: Well excuse me princess! If you want to know, I have a lot of cats that can attack you. Also, I’m colour-blind.

Moving along here!


Then I remembered, as if lighting had hit me. The fire station… it usually had an easel that poor people could paint with (I was too lazy to buy him, even though he had the money), so I went over there.


*Angel choir sings* Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujahhh….

I knew it! Gabriel, get your lazy ass over here right now so we can fulfill a wish!

Gabriel: I’m coming! But it would have been a lot faster if you had brought me with you! ^^

Shut up. See me as a scout that looks for danger before the force comes.

Gabriel: Aww… you protect me!

Less talking, more moving.

Gabriel: *Sad face*


So while you’re a good boy, I will look around town for good spouse material. Don’t go anywhere while I’m gone!

Gabriel: *Lost in his own world*

Yeah… let’s get a move on!


Just look at these cuties that I found in a park nearby. Alex and her lovely dovely husband! Giving flowers…. and for some odd reason, I want to call you Willow, not Alex… But is your last name (I have to check it up… –_–) But whatever, I’m gonna show you a better look on his face, so brace yourself! One, two… three!


E voilà! A nice face given! His name is Michael by the way and they are the perfect fit according to me! ^^ Now they just have to give me some babies to perhaps marry into this legacy to!!


Michael: So with my only line in this chapter, I give you these flowers. What do you say love? Let’s go have some quality time… in the bed?

Alex: Oh Michael! I would love to! Let’s go!

And off they went to make some babies for me. (Just kidding, they stayed and choked on all the flowers they gave each other!)


Wonderful to find you three standing like that when I come back Kylar. Just delightful! What are you exactly doing?


… Screw you then!

Kylar: Planning my revenge on Sam… he threw me out of the car… while it was moving…

Did you scream “AS…. YOU…. WISH…!” XD

Kylar: I hate that movie.

(If you know the movie, I’ll salute you. I love it so much. Expect a few quotes and references in the future!)


Hey, that was the lady at the art gallery! Ah, Clarissa… how you love to fight others. By little, beautiful, Italian diva. (Imagine her with the voice of the diva in Phantom of the Opera, I sure do ^^)

Clarissa: That crazy bat lady stepped on my shoe! Die Puttana!!

Old random lady aka Sebastiana: Well she mistook my shirt for a towel! That ungrateful brat!

Fight, fight, fight!! *Grabs the popcorn*


Working out a little ladies? That’s good.

(Pear Fruit is to the left and Clarissa is to the right, if you had a hard time to see who could be who XD)


Sam: Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady!

Belle: Oh Sam, you didn’t have to. They smell wonderful!

Kylar: *smiling* Oh… you really think I can’t top that smartass?


Kylar: Belle, take this flowers as a token of my love for you. You’re more beautiful then the Mona Lisa! And when the last flower withers, so shall my love. *whispers* one of them is plastic… 

Belle: Kylar, how romantic of you. I can’t stop thinking of you!

Sam: *mutters* And I can’t stop thinking of ways to kill you… Kylar…


Sam: But Belle, don’t we mean anything to you? We could be famous together! We created a son together!! These flowers represent my love for you! LOVE!!!

Belle: Sam… did you just steal back the flowers you gave me, so you could give me them again?

Sam: … dammit…

Kylar: Burn!! Want some ice for that burn, sucker?! XD


Belle: Hey Sam! Think fast! *Throws waterballon*

Sam: I think you dislocated my arm Belle, it hurts… it hurts so bad.

Kylar: That’s what you get for trying to steal my girl… bitch.


Kylar: Here Belle! I picked these especially for you, me amore…

Sam: Belle… beautiful… wait, isn’t that the flowers I gave her? What?!

Belle: Oh, Kylar… they are so beautiful. I will put them with the other flowers you gave me!

You probably will get allergic from all these flowers you get Belle…


Sam: You are more beautiful than a bouquet of flowers Belle. No flowers can compare to you at all *flirty look*

Belle: *swoons* oh you…

Kylar: … Dickhead…

… I think that I’ll just leave you for now…


Joshua: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the sexiest, most beautiful of them all?


Mirror aka Robbie: Not you anyway.

Joshua: Dammit!

Imposter of the screen: Stop using my word!!

You’re not even on the lot!!! 😡


Well, well, what we got here…why ain’t I surprised to find myself chatting with a werewolf?

Simself: You’re a werewolf? *swoons* are all of them red like you?

*face palm*


Jamie: Not all of them. I’m one of the kind!

Eh… I go back to Belle and the other guys. I’m tired of myself giving myself a nauseous feeling…


I don’t think that’s how you tell a ghost story Belle… You often look at your audience when speaking to them.

Belle: …The poor little boy looked away, trying to avoid her dead eyes. He felt her stare, felt her dead eyes gaze upon him…


Sam: This story is so awesome! Much better than that awful love story that ended so long ago… *quick glare at Kylar*



Kylar: Wh-h-at hap-ppp-pe-end then?

Belle: The next morning, when the mother went to the well to get some water, she saw her boy hanging there with his eyes removed. She took a step back in horror, only to feel something bump into her. As she turned around, the last thing she saw was a girl with a dead eye and her sons’ eye…

Sam: Oh dear lord…


*Branch snatches*


Kylar… take it easy man, or you will get a heart attack.

Kylar: *whimpers*


Gabriel’s boss got a kitten named Fred. Lovely. He’s probably single.

(Later, I got a popup that he was all lovely dovely with his WIFE. No forever alone here.)


This is what I get for being away so long time? You trying to cover up a wrong spot that you painted?! And you’re not even halfway!! What kind of sucky painter are you?!

Gabriel: *Whimpers* No, no! It turned out wrong!! Quick, quick, some fresh paint! Why oh why is my painting skill only at level one?!

… I come back later dude…


Ah… Monte Vista is a gorgeous place, seriously. I love taking pictures here, so pretty… *drools*


I love the location of the weather stone! In the sports arena. (Chris got work here, so that’s probably the reason I took this picture…) I can imagine the games they will have;

Chris: Hey! Pass the football, I’m free!!

Player 1: Aiming and… shoot!

Player 2: Dammit Joe! It hit the freaking statue. Who even put it here?!

Weather Stone: I summon the hailing rain!! *sudden rainstorm*

Chris: Great, just great… morons.

Joe: *Kicks the statue*

Weather stone: *Summons lighting on player 1* KAABOOM!



Yoda: Likes what he see, Yoda does!

Clarissa: Ma no! If you even think, look or zee touch, you regret even being born, Figlio de puttana! Cazzo!

Yoda: *Sad face*


Clarissa: Anidamo! I want a hot bath before this day is over!

Yoda: Evil one, this one is. Scare Yoda, she does!

Pear: Be nice Clarissa, please. Save your energy!

Clarissa: Chiudi la bocca!


Cutie there! ^^ Hello Luna!

Luna: Whee!! I’m flying on a broom! And I sparkle sometimes in the lighting because of my skin!!

Right…. I forgot that you’re a witch. I probably will forget it again in the future…

Luna: See you later creator!

Goodnight sweetie! Love ya and your beautiful appearance. Make some babies so I can marry them into the legacy!! 


My pretty girl senses are tingling… I choose you Gabriel! Get her HP down with your killer moves!

Gabriel: Have you been playing Pokémon again?

… *mumbles fast* no, just a little for a couple of hours… no…


Gabriel: Hello there beautiful. My name is Lockwood. Gabriel Lockwood.

???: Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

What the hell?!

???: Sorry I just had to, love that movie. I’m Florence Taylor.

Gabriel: o_O

Did you almost think that she was a guy?

Gabriel: *Nods*

That’s typical of you…


Florence: You’re az a bouquet of roses; beautiful.

Gabriel: Roses? Really? I see myself more as a freaking sexy beast!

Are you for real Gabriel? She’s flirting with you, up your face and you are absolutely not obvious about it? How many times does it take for her to flirt for you to understand?! GOD GRACIOUS!!


Oh, oh now you get it! ONLY took like… FOREVER!

(He asked her about her job and then, BAAM! Realization; she’s flirting with me… damn sexy!)

Gabriel: Your have lightened my light bulb, beautiful.

Florence: I’m so tired of this shit.

Me to Florence, me to.


Gabriel, would you please explain why you realized she flirted with you know, AFTER you asked about her job?

Gabriel: Because a woman working as a Lab Tech is just so god damn sexy! And I’m tired!

Let’s go home then… stupid…


Gabriel: She’s looking at me, ain’t she?

Yes, she’s staring at your sexy body Gabriel.

Gabriel: Can’t she look away or go somewhere? I really have to scratch my butt.

-_- for the love of…


Tadaa! You have a freaking house now! (Guess his favourite colour… oh wait, you already know…) and look! I even gave Gabriel a guitar to fulfill the other half of his lifetime wish (and to advance in his career)

Gabriel: Green… so much green!!

Well Irish green is your favorite colour…


Since Gabriel has gone to sleep, I should wrap this chapter up. How did you like it? Good, bad, horrible or wonderful? Leave a comment and support our sexy founder through his journey! Will he fall in love with our beloved Florence and marry her? Or will he find someone else to spread his genes with? Will I stop sucking at speaking as Yoda? Will Belle marry Sam or take Kylar as her husband? Will my simself ever stop being a pain in the ass?! Stay tuned for the next chapter!

Points and Completion:

Self wetting – 5

For each sim failing school – 5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come) – 5
Passing Out – 5
Accidental Deaths – 10
Social Worker Visit – 15

Every Birth + 5
Every Twin Birth +10
Every Triplet Birth +15
Fulfilling LTW +40
For each Sim that gets on the honour roll+5
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation +10
Every 100,000 dollars +20
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career +10

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house +5

Total Points: 0


21 thoughts on “Gen 1.1 – Let’s begin again!

  1. Hehehe~ I love this so far. I like the humor and all the rules to make it more interesting! Really fun to read. Can’t wait for Gabriel to find someone attractive so they can make attractive offspring together! ;3

    • Well thank you so much! 🙂 I’m glad that you liked this, cause I wrote most of it late at night when I was really tired XD Yeah, it’s a lot more fun if you have some rules to follow, then it become more of a challenge, more interesting to see if you can keep yourself from cheating 😉 Thanks once again for your comment! 😀

    • Oh yeah, and I agree MT. Vista is so gorgeous! Your screenshots so make me wanna buy it and play it. I laughed so hard at the weatherstone placement and your comments about it. LOL

      • It’s so freaking beautiful that I just want to cry and for my computer it’s heaven! It doesn’t lag so much at all! *tears of joy* 🙂
        I laughed to at the weatherstones location, since I otherwise get it behind the cityhall (that you can see in the first picture of the chapter) X3

    • Well thank you so much! ^^ Very nice to hear you like it, since I in the comment above said that most part was written late at night when tired. I had no clue that it would be fun for people… XD
      Yes, he’s good looking! I have plan to upload him soon ^^

  2. At first I was thrown off by the jumping around, but you really make it work. I really like the way you use the narration; it makes something old seem new and different. I’m confused though when did Sam come back? What did I miss?

    • You didn’t miss a thing dearie, not a single thing at all. I brought him back, because I wanted to see if Belle would take him or Kylar. ^^ Thanks for your kind words, for now you’re in for a crazy ride! 😀 Glad that you liked it after a while and I understand if you were thrown off. But thanks for still reading this mess and I hope you enjoy! :3

  3. Yay for Princess Bride references! I also adore that movie, and the book version, with “just the good parts” is also super good. I want to find read an uncut version, even though EVERYONE says it’s boring. I enjoyed this very much, and I’m looking forward to getting caught up!

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  6. I just found this blog because Heather (the Zale ISBI Alphabetcy) referred me! I loved your post! It made me laugh out loud multiple times, like when Gabriel had to scratch his butt! I laughed so hard… 😀 Well, I am following your blog now, hopefully I can get caught up soon!

    • Oh well hello, welcome and thanks! ^^ Glad that I managed to make you laugh (or Gabriel did) in a magical way, XD I laughed too when I went back to the post XP Well, take your sweet time to read, no rush here I haven’t got very far yet, so pretty sure you can get caught up 🙂 Thanks for the comment and hope you enjoy your stay here 😀

  7. Like roserainboweve, I found your blog through Heather’s, and I love it so far. You are absolutely right, Gabriel is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see what happens with this. (ie, moving on to the next chapter now)

    • Well thank you for stopping by then! 😀 Hehe, yeah he is. One of my most gorgeous sims born in game too,which I consider a good achivement! ^^
      Oh the usual stuff happens in this as other ISBI-Challenges if you read those XP
      But thanks for coming around here and now I’m gonna go check out your work :3

  8. I found this because you found me first. Great start and I can’t wait to read this whole thing and hopefully catch up.
    ..and yes, Gabriel is gorgeous!

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