What is going on?

Hi, hello and good morning/goodnight to whomever read this. I am slowly returning to writing, so that’s good. It’s been hard with this heat we have. Now it’s a lot cooler, but still quite hot. So that’s one reason. Another is…

It’s not easy to explain, but I’ll try.

The reason for me not working on this, despite being around and reading some things, is that I fell into a, what can you call it, state. Other factors have been in play for this to happen too. But it made me feel like not updating. I have played and taken picture, but just to get an update out… I don’t know. I just didn’t feel like it. And that was a guilt trip all right. I felt guilty for not doing it, so I stressed about it. And that’s what I have been feeling for a good while; stress about updating. Stressed about putting words on the blogs. I feel that I no longer to it for myself, but rather for the sake of others. Put it bluntly… It wasn’t fun anymore. I did it in the beginning because I saw others do it and because it was fun. Now, it’s more of a chore sadly. A chore I rather avoid.

But this phase, is fading away and I feel more compelled to write, to update and get back into what I love doing. It’s going to be slow, because I want to focus on one thing first. I realized that I have many ideas, thoughts and ambitions. So much I want to do! But I take too much on my plate. So from now on, I will focus on one blog at a time, hopefully. To see it through.

This is where MissWingless Random Sims Things comes into play more. I had a Baby Boomer Challenge on that blog, but the save and family got corrupted. That made me not want to do it. But at the same time, I want to do it again. A fresh start with this Baby Boomer Challenge and see it through. So this will be my focus for now, to finish that before I return to my Lockwood Family or the Ragsdale family. I might put an update out for these blogs too, but it will be slower than this hopefully.

And that’s how it looks. Now you know. I’ll post this on my other sites, so that other people see and understands. But I did managed to save some things from my baby boomer challenge, and that’s the boys I had. So in the future, once I have my site for that more up to date and fixed, I’ll put them up for download if someone wants them. So deal with me for a while before anything happens.

Hopefully before the weeks over, I’ll have begun posting my new Baby Boomer Challenge on my site! Can’t wait. So until then, have a good day or night, take care and I’ll see you later!

My thoughts and wishes with hugs,


Hiatus – A small one, hopefully

Hello everyone out there, still reading this adventure! A small announcement, as you can guess what it is by the title.

The Lockwood Chronicle and the family itself is taking a smaller hiatus for now. Reasons? I want to focus on finishing another challenge (That I hopefully will finish within a month or two, I really like playing with that savefile right now), but also to try and figure out some other things, mostly about my sims 4 game. There have been some issues with it recently and got slightly worse with the latest patch. I can’t even properly tell what is wrong, but something is off. This means that I have to try and fix this, or hope that EA (Crosses fingers) will come with another patch to fix this that helps or something. Like I said, I don’t know really what is 100 % wrong. So that will have my attention.

However, the Ragsdale (My alphabetcy challenge) will keep going for at least 2 more chapters, before they might have to take a hiatus too. By that point I have caught up my writing with how much I have played. And if the problem isn’t fixed by then… yeah you can understand why they will take a hiatus too. I don’t want to risk my sims or savefile being destroyed or something. But that’s a while, still have to finish writing (which is slower since I’m doing another challenge too, haha) the chapters.

Thank you so much for understanding and I do hope you stick around and re-read some things, or take a look at my other projects/challenges or just click the awesome other blogs that I follow! There’s plenty of good stuff out there to read! ^^



4.1 – New place, new adventures!


‘Ello mates! Welcome back to the Lockwood Chronicle – The Insanity Arise! Last time, Cedric finally took over, Orube became real and Phobos heartfarted her and Cray became old as he handed over the torch. Now… the real fun begins… not really, but we keep going which is nice. So Let us jump right into this!

(This chapter have been sitting for ages, just waiting to be finished… I am so sorry that it took so long… but life came in the way. And just regular distractions… yeah. Sorry once more and I hope you enjoy this).

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4.0 – Crash and burn…. with a lot of failure on the side!


Welcome peasants back to the beginning of the 4th generation takeover on the one and only; The Lockwood Chronicle – The Insanity Arise! Last time the oldest grew up and people died… this time, more people probably die and grow up! But first we have to go through the remaining days until our new heir, Cedric Lockwood, can take over. So buckle up people! This is going to take a while! Because I tried to remove pictures… but still is sort of close to 200 pictures… so… I tried. Trust me I tried….*Sobs*

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And the results are in…

Oh my god….. ahhh…. it’s over! It’s finally over!!!! I can’t believe it…. And I’m happy to share the results with you all… I can’t contain myself and as I closed the polls and looked over the results… I was all over the place, but let me not stall anymore:

There was 2 votes on the poll here and 6 votes in total on the one over at boolprop. So 8 in total voted. Not much, but I don’t care about that. What’s important is the result and we have a clear winner. But first how it stood between our contestants.

In last place;


Caleb Lockwood… with the amazing total of 0 votes. Oh well… that’s how it can be.

Third place;


Daltar Lockwood… with 1 vote in total. Happy that someone liked him enough. Hihi.

Second place;


Phobos Lockwood! With the total of 2 votes. And this means we have a clear winner….

First place goes to;


Cedric Lockwood!! He got a total of 5 votes! So he’s our new heir! I’m so excited about this, I’m so pumped to get going! Because then we’re heading towards the fifth generation and are halfway through the challenge! Holy moly guys. I never thought that I would get this far…. never in my life. And yet here I am. I can’t wait to start this. And I’m quite excited too, mostly because Cedric is sort of also my favorite of the kids (I’m sure you noticed… hehe). I did like the others, but he the most. I think he’s the best mix between his parents.

But the next update will take time, mostly because I have to play around with some settings and such. I have switched from Nraas to Awesomemod, just to test it out and how it works. (Was getting tired of vanilla pudding faces so much…). So I have to play around in another save file for a while just to see how it works and if I like that better. But hopefully either a update by the end of the month… or sometime in October guys.


But now another man have entered the game, or soon will. It’s his time to shine as the others have before him. A new journey will begin soon… and new faces will be created. But how it will go is a question we’ll see answered in the future.


Until then, gaze upon the next in line to claim the title… Cedric Lockwood, an interesting man… with an uncertain future. He will fill his fathers shoes and his ancestors as well. But the question still remain…. will I freaking finally have some girl heirs? Or will Cedric keep the Y-chromosomes strong in this family?…. I hope not. I wouldn’t mind a whole generation of girls being born… that would be something at least…. oh well.

Thank you all for voting and I’ll see you in the next update! Bye, bye!

The time is here folks!

Oh boy! I’m to fast for my own good sometimes! Haha. Anyhow!! It’s time everyone! It’s finally time to vote! So come up, check it out and vote! You can find the poll either under the menu “Tha polls” and look for “Generation 4 poll” or just click down here:

Heir vote gen 4

Or if you feel like it, can go over to the boolprop! forum and vote over there. The link for easy access is down here:

Boolprop heir vote poll

And I just want to say thank you so much for reading and helping me when it comes to these kind of things! As a little thank you, I have a recent (But not all that recent) family photo for you guys. A small thank you, because we’re almost over 4000 view on this blog… which is amazing even if I don’t have many followers. But I don’t care about that. I care about doing what I love, and that I’m doing here! So thank you once more and have a good voting!


3.10 – It’s a mad one I tell you!


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the grand finale of the 3rd generation! The Lockwood Chronicle – The Insanity Arise! Will after this chapter move on towards the 4th heir and before that… an heir poll which will be posted shortly after this chapter is published. But for now, let us enjoy the finale with Cray Lockwood as our heir…

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3.9 – Like father, like son


Once more we return to the Lockwood’s and their insanity… that have smitten itself upon me… or thee. I don’t know. Last time at least there was births of a son (Yes… fuuu) and a foal who resembled their father more than mother (That’s true)… children growing older and some failures once more. But that’s the ordinary things happening here, so nothing special. And we’re one step closer for a new heir to be chosen, which is exciting. I believe that there will simply be one or two more chapters at least, then a poll and then the 4th generation will take over the reign. Amazing, almost halfway! Aha… Oh my. Onward!

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Down the lane we go…

I just looked at this blog and saw that it almost have hit 4000 views. That’s amazing I’ll tell you. I never believed that it would get to that number. I was grateful when it was just 1000 views… I don’t even have many followers, or followers that are all that active anymore… but at the same time it means so much to me. Mostly after all the trouble I have had on this blog. Because this was intended to be more story driven. I don’t know how many ideas I had… and how many I tried and failed. And yet here we are, not at the point I would have guessed… but I’m glad how it turned out. I wouldn’t changed it at all actually. And because of where we are at the moment, I would love to go though some things with you. Mostly to go and take a look at the past that have been. Mostly to what began this, began what I’m doing now here on this blog. 5 years have passed since I created and started doing this… that means this whole mess began when I was… 18? That’s crazy, it feels so long ago… weird. Anyhow what I’ll go through with you guys, is the backstory of this blog, what was supposed to happened, how the characters were to develop and where it would head. This means I will share some ideas with you, ideas that I never have done. If it peeks your interest, please go ahead and use it yourself if you would like. Sharing is caring, right? Blablabla, and all that. Let us go back now and step through the veil of time…

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3.8 – Why?


Welcome back to The Lockwood Chronicle – The Insanity Arise! Last time, there were plenty of birthdays and cake to go around, lot of good-looking people and makeovers and of course… failures. Don’t forget about them at all. Because they’re sure to keep coming. I shall also inform you that there’s only a few chapters left, before we must decided a new heir to take over! It’s so amazing! But you’ll know when it’s time of course.

But no more chatter chatting and let us go straight back to the family we know as Lockwood. To see what “adventures” or misfortune that happens to them this time.

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